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Meet government requirements for multilingual content

Professional language solutions for intelligence, defense and law enforcement agencies in EMEA

Get access to multilingual, real-time information from around the world and enable high-quality instant translations of large quantities of data sourced from the internet or other electronic feeds with the SDL Government Language Platform for EMEA.
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The SDL Government Language Platform empowers European government institutions to combine social media monitoring, fast machine translation and high-quality human translation technologies to meet stringent governments requirements for content speed and accuracy while meeting high security demands.
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Rely on best of breed technology

Provide secure, multilingual data processing for intelligence analysis, forensic investigation and general government business. Industry leaders for over 25 years, SDL offers a customized language solution specifically for government use.

Access foreign language information

Manage different content types from any source in structured workflows ensuring a consistent, high-quality output. Access multilingual, unstructured big data mined from social media, video or audio transcripts, real-time chat, voice communication or plain-text documents.

Translate high-volume content quickly

Ensure consistency of translations while reducing the pressure on your translation services using intelligent translation memory technology. Enable approved content to be reused while growing the database with government-specific language, making your translators’ job faster and easier.

Social media monitoring

View over 41 billion social media conversations and counting
SDL SM2 is a social media monitoring tool and platform that provides visibility into your customers’ interactions on social media.

Secure automated translation

Get access to industry’s first statistical machine translation server for secure government applications
SDL’s Language Weaver Enterprise Translation Server (ETS) is a statistical approach to machine translation that improves quality and applicability as it’s used.

Translation management

Shift translation efforts from manual, disparate processes to a centralized, fully controlled system
SDL Translation Management solutions are designed to centrally manage, automate and control high volumes of translation projects to deliver quality translations on time and on budget.

Translation productivity

Tap into the world’s leading translation software for language professionals
SDL translation productivity solutions include machine translation engines, translation management systems and translator productivity software designed to optimize end-to-end translation programs.

Current Applications

Explore some of the existing applications for the SDL Government Language Platform (EMEA).