Life Sciences Solutions

Gain greater process efficiency, reduce translation costs, and speed up go-to-market with our specialized language and content solutions across life sciences, medical research, and contract research organizations (CROs).

Now you can create real value for your teams and ecosystem partners to drive better outcomes for scientists, medical representatives, professionals, and patients alike.

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Why SDL?

Address scalability, accuracy, quality, and compliance across the value chain with an organization you can trust.
Serving 19 of the 20 top pharmaceutical companies.
Helping 19 of the 20 top medical device companies.
Working with 8 of the top 10 Clinical Research Organizations.
1,400+ in-house linguists.
24/7/365 support across the globe.

Areas of expertise

Comprehensive content and language solutions for the Life Sciences industry.


Translate your clinical trial, regulatory, manufacturing, and legal documentation, as well as marketing communications with repeatable quality.

Medical devices

Expert localization across product content, documentation and software for a versatile and personalized approach to healthcare.

Clinical Research Organizations (CRO)

End-to-end linguistic solutions for the full lifecycle of clinical development, from discovery and product development, to regulatory submission and commercialization.


Fast, flexible and cost-effective language solutions for time-critical documentation such as clinical trials, submissions or product launches.

Animal Health

Specialized multilingual support for health policies, protocols, research, labeling, marketing material, scientific articles, and veterinary expert reports.

Managed Healthcare

Transform your content into multilingual, multi-accessible material to drive more patient value for all, across all customer touchpoints.


Manage multilingual regulatory labelling & submissions

Streamline complex labeling requirements and maintain accurate product information globally. 

Our solution enables you to capture and track label changes, reuse regulated-approved translations, simplify review process, as well as lower the cost of translation workload.

Manage multilingual regulatory labelling & submissions
Translate global clinical trial documents
Secure the translation supply chain
Manage regulatory compliance document demands
“Previously, the average overall quality of first-time translation was 75%. Today, using SDL MultiTerm, we are achieving 95% rate of quality in the translations. That cascades down into enhanced brand recognition, and improved productivity.”

Hans Fiers, Documentation and Localization Manager for Radiology and Clinical Information Systems.