With a growing demand for translation, translators need the right tools to support their needs 

The need to improve productivity and maintain quality

Individual translators and localization professionals that work within a corporation, a translation agency or as a freelancer, perform a variety of translation and localization tasks that require tools to improve productivity and maintain quality. Demand is increasing, and a translator's role may vary from translating files, reviewing translated content, preparing projects for outsourcing, managing valuable translation assets (such as translation memories and terminology), or localizing software user interfaces. Whatever the task, translators need tools to support their needs.


Translators face several challenges in order to translate all content and data. These days the desire to increase daily personal productivity to improve earnings and profit is high. While increasing the productivity, the time spent on translating the same content numerous times must be reduced.  

Meanwhile the competition must be kept at a distance as well. There is a need for effective management of projects from multiple customers and reduce the overhead costs to maintain competitive pricing. It is very clear, the content needs to be translated as quickly and effeciently as possible with the least amount of costs. Otherwise you won't be able to meet the demands for the shorter translation cycles. 


To help individual translators & localization professionals improve personal productivity so they can deliver projects faster and enable them to translate larger volumes at the highest levels of quality, SDL provides several solutions: 

  • SDL Trados Studio
    SDL Trados Studio provides tools for translation, review, project management and terminology, all in an integrated environment.
  • SDL MultiTerm 
  • SDL MultiTerm enables highly flexible management of any terminology project to ensure consistent branding and delivery of accurate source and content in all required languages.
  • SDL Passolo 
    SDL Passolo enables individual translators, collaborating with build engineers and developers, to deliver software localization projects faster.

As additional solutions for individual translators and localization professionals working as part of a team, SDL delivers scalable solutions that complement our desktop software.

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