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LS "SDL"   January 28 2015
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Shareholder services

As an investor, you have a key stake in our business. You’re a critical part of our shared future success and we take our obligations to you very seriously. Visit our shareholder services page to find the latest information relevant to our investors.

Reports and accounts

We've built a substantial platform of skilled staff, loyal clients and leading-edge software, as well as a complete, global infrastructure across Asia, Europe and North America. As a business that has grown rapidly since its inception, SDL continues to be an organization with solid finances. Visit our reports and accounts page for the latest Annual and Interim reports.

Regulatory announcements

Take a look at our regulatory announcements page to read the latest announcements from SDL Plc on the London Stock Exchange. We keep an updated archive of our regulatory stories here.

Terms of reference - board and committees

We are committed to ensuring that the SDL Group maintains high standards of corporate governance and adheres to best practice as mandated by the Combined Code, as well as the bodies which monitor compliance with these standards, on behalf of major institutional and other stakeholders. Read the terms of reference for the Board and committees.