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The New Global Customer Experience Management Mandate - E-book

What is global customer experience management?

Customer Experience Management (CXM) enhances a company’s ability to compete. It impacts purchase, customer satisfaction, retention and advocacy and, ultimately, revenue. To be differentiated and successful in the ‘Age of the Customer’, organizations need to deliver compelling and engaging experiences, informed by a contextual understanding of individual customers. Companies need to address the entire customer journey, understand how customers seek information, and conduct research across geographies to develop a local customer experience strategy for each market.

Key Findings from a Global Survey of CXM Decision Makers & Influencers

Dealing with today's connected consumer, businesses now more than ever need to create a customer-centric business environment. In June 2013, SDL commissioned a survey of 781 CXM decision makers and influencers across the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Brazil and China to better understand the landscape for Customer Experience Management initiatives.

The in-depth survey sought out perceptions, attitudes and priorities surrounding CXM initiatives today, as well as future directions for growth. This whitepaper explores and analyzes the survey results to help decision makers understand the current CXM landscape and be better prepared to launch initiatives to support the complete customer journey and drive customer satisfaction, revenue and growth.

Why SDL?

SDL offers a unique range of solutions that can help you effectively manage the entire customer journey and create superior customer experiences. With our technology and services you can:

  • Navigate organizational silos
  • Understand the individual context of your customers
  • Serve your customers relevant, personalized and timely marketing communications
  • Ensure products are relevant to global customers
  • Achieve your top business priorities
  • Measure and increase marketing ROI

From social listening tools and marketing analytics, to campaign management, language services, web content management and eCommerce, SDL has the innovative solutions needed to drive your global customer experience management practices. These solutions are tied into our three pillars of global CXM: Insights, Orchestration and Contextual Experiences.

Inside CXM Insights from the forefront of Customer experience management

Inside CXM

Inside CXM is SDL’s own sponsored CX website and houses strategies and business practices needed to achieve excellence in the field, featuring content via experts from beyond SDL who have their finger on the pulse of the customer experience marketplace.  

InsideCXM.com covers content from three CX themes, including:

  • Customer Insights
  • Orchestration
  • Contextual Experience

If you’d like to contribute to the site please send an email to authors@insidecxm.com. Inside CXM presents you with an opportunity to lead and engage in the thriving Global CXM industry conversation with your colleagues and peers.

* Global Processes Help to Deliver Relevant Local Customer Experiences', A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of SDL, August 2012