Driving growth 
 with globally relevant products 


Supports its market expansion strategy by dramatically reducing timescales for content creation in 35 languages

Hewlett Packard

Saves more than $3.5 million a year by reducing multilingual product content costs by 56%

Atlas Copco

Gets products to market 50% faster with SDL solutions


Ensuring products are relevant to customers in all your target markets and that they are launched successfully drives global growth.  Our solutions help you to achieve this.

    • Develop product strategies that support market expansion using consulting services and insights from big data
    • Simplify the process of creating marketing and product content that engages your customers in their language
    • Easily provide personalized content across multiple channels to maximize engagement
    • Launch products in all your global target markets simultaneously and run targeted multi-channel campaigns to increase revenue


Creating products for multiple global markets is a complex and expensive process.  Our solutions enable you to reduce costs by completing product-related activities more efficiently.

  • Reduce product research costs using data insights and social media studies
  • Reduce product launch campaign costs by analyzing customer data and designing campaigns faster
  • Create multilingual content for less by maximizing reuse and improving project efficiencies
  • Centralize the visibility and control of marketing content, key product launch milestones and market feedback to increase productivity and reduce costs
Social KPIs


Using our solutions, you can increase product profitability.

  • Maximize the value of relevant big data to ensure products meet customer requirements
  • Get products to market faster and maximize market share by significantly accelerating multilingual content creation
  • Increase launch campaign revenues through improved targeting
  • Develop actionable insights from social media to increase product commitment
  • Measure channel contribution and focus on the most successful channels

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