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Targeting, personalization, search and merchandizing for eCommerce

SDL Fredhopper makes it easy for eCommerce marketers to target the right customers with the right items, in the right context. It is designed to optimize the online shopping experience, while increasing conversion rates, revenue and customer lifetime value.

Onsite search & navigation

If your shoppers can’t find it, they can’t buy it. It’s that simple.

Often, the first point of contact with your eCommerce store is the search box. As a marketer, you can’t afford to let your shopper down with a poor experience, that doesn’t yield the right results.

Intelligent onsite search and navigation from SDL Fredhopper solves the problem of item discovery by giving shoppers a helping hand to find the product they desire, intuitively.

SDL Fredhopper provides marketers with the most powerful onsite search and navigation capabilities for eCommerce, including features such as in-context search results, smart and predictive search, dynamic in-search recommendations, and sophisticated language and multilingual support.


Onsite search

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SDL Fredhopper automatically selects the best items to display on all our pages, saving us enormous manual efforts. We now use our time to fine tune our rising success.

Thomas Cook

What really impressed us about SDL Fredhopper, apart from the software, was the level of professionalism evident in the consultation process resulting in a 40% sales increase.


SDL Fredhopper automatically created our 400+ navigation filters and manages the associating rules.

Instant search

Smarter merchandizing

Cross-sell, upsell, promotions, best-sellers, ranking…The conundrum of showing the right products to the right customer, in the right context while yielding the best results for your store, makes eCommerce merchandizing a black art.

With smarter merchandizing from SDL Fredhopper, you are able to take what you know about your shoppers, blend it with product and business data and offer the shopper the most relevant, best-performing merchandizing campaigns, without all the traditional heavy-lifting.

SDL Fredhopper provides merchandizers with capabilities to dynamically rank products based on a ‘ranking cocktail’ blend of customer, business, and contextual data, to mix and match products to create the best upsell and cross-sell bundles, and to continuously adapt and optimize with business rules and control.



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Fredhopper is the ultimate marketing machine. It is a data driven marketing engine that automatically and dynamically optimizes the display of product merchandising and advertising, using intelligence derived from real-time customer interaction information.


We selected Fredhopper over its global competitors. Main considerations were the flexibility and usability of the Fredhopper product for advanced e-commerce and the exceptional business support service that Fredhopper provides.

Thomas Cook

We transformed laborious and inefficient online marketing processes by using Fredhopper's mathematical marketing platform. With Fredhopper we industrialized our online marketing processes.


The silver bullet for a unique online shopping experience is to tailor and personalize your store to a variety of shoppers and shopping scenarios.

Yet, taking your eCommerce product catalog and adapting it to give shoppers personalized recommendations, unique bundles of products, or compelling promotions shouldn’t require complex data enriching and heavy development work.

SDL Fredhopper’s personalization capabilities put marketers in control of tailoring the eCommerce experience to any shopper scenario with features such as personalized and predictive recommendations, smart ranking of items and customized faceted navigation.



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SDL Fredhopper delivers dynamic, micro-targeted product recommendations that have increased our average order value by +15%.

Albert Heijn

With SDL Fredhopper create personalized shopping experiences for millions of loyalty card holders based on their previous shopping behavior.

de Bijenkorf

In the first months of our new online store with SDL Fredhopper, we have seen strong conversion growth and completely sold out our annual sale on the first day. Now that's doing business!


Predictive targeting

Knowing what your shoppers desire is one thing. Predicting what they want, what they will purchase, and acting upon that is a completely different ball game.

eCommerce offers marketers a rich set of data points to understand customer behaviour and profiles. But targeting those customers with a relevant message or item, based on your conversion goals and the items you want to sell, is highly complex without technology.

SDL Fredhopper’s unique predictive targeting engine puts all the relevant data points in the hands of the marketer and allows you to blend them together using SDL Fredhopper’s algorithms and your business rules, so that you can predict which customers will buy which items, in which context.


Onsite search

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Halfords leads the pack by creating unique and profitable customer experiences

Halfords leads the pack by creating unique and profitable customer experiences
(SDL Customer Success Story)

Tricia Owen-Williams, Head of Customer Experience for Halfords, talks about her vision for digital customer experience and how Halfords partnered with SDL to deliver unique and profitable customer experiences in online retail and merchandising using SDL Fredhopper. “The first benefit of the SDL Fredhopper implementation was that it was a huge amount of fun working with SDL Fredhopper…the team was so collaborative and it was so easy to trust them. The second benefit has to be conversion…since we’ve implemented SDL Fredhopper our conversion rates have been fantastic.”

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