Looking for Alterian SM2? On January 30th, 2012 SDL acquired Alterian, a leader in social media analytics. Alterian SM2 is now SDL SM2

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 Social Media Monitoring 

Belgacom Case Study

SDL SM2 enables Belgacom to listen for and engage customers in their own language across all social media channels, allowing for a more customized and relevant customer experience.

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2013 Holiday Battle of the Brands
Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4

Xbox vs. PlayStation Battle

Visit this page to receive the latest updates around the 2013 battle between Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


SM2 allows you to easily capture and analyze data from social media channels to drive more informed business decisions around: 

• Brand engagement and reputation management

• Market and product trending

• Competitive position and benchmarking

• Identifying and engaging key communities and influencers 

• Segmenting and profiling customers 

• Generating sales leads and targets of opportunity

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Social media listening: Historical and in real-time

SM2 provides historical data from 2011 and continues to update in real-time. Sources include: 
• Blogs (LiveJournal, TypePad)
• Message Boards and Forums
• Microblogs (Twitter, Plurk, Identi.ca)
• Wikis
• Video and Photosharing (YouTube, Flickr, Instagram)
• Social Network (Ning, Facebook, LinkedIn)
• Classified Sites (Craigslist)
• Review Sites (ePinions)
social media monitoring and sentiment analysis

Flexible reports and dashboards

SM2 provides unlimited searches and profiles offering the freedom to listen for as many brands, products or topics as you like.  SM2 has 16 out-of-the-box reports and social KPIs focused on key aspects of social media data, as well as a highly configurable and flexible Dashboard.  Reports and Dashboards can be easily shared and data exported to other formats (csv, xml, txt and html) to be used in other reporting applications.


Through collecting, visualizing and analyzing the social media dataset, SM2 provides insight and foresight from social media conversations.

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