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About SDL Research

SDL is leading innovation in language technology to bring down global communication barriers to support international business growth and cross language interaction. SDL Research is revolutionizing what is possible through ongoing advancements in statistical prediction on big data and statistical learning from machine/human synergy. 

Located across two innovation centers – Los Angeles, California and Cambridge, England – SDL Research is made up of world-renowned researchers that contribute to an exciting research agenda based on the current needs of SDL’s customers and what is needed to drive the future of global communication.


tab 3 - whats new - machine translationThe solutions to the hard science problems being tackled by SDL Research regularly make their way into SDL products to support business requirements.


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Each day, the SDL Research team gets to work in areas they are passionate about. They also get to bring hard science advances to the business world and enable users to experience their latest research achievements within SDL products that solve business needs.

Our leading team of research innovators that are pushing boundaries of science include:

SDL Research Careers

SDL Research is growing and looking for exceptional research scientists, research engineers, research interns and research post doc students to participate in high impact cutting edge research in natural language processing in a state of the art research environment. The Research Centers are located in Los Angeles and Cambridge University.