Right language, right time, right place

Delivering a culturally relevant and personalized experience to international customers relies on your ability to speak their language. Our integrated language platforms provide the technology and services you need to deliver local language content across every step of the customer journey.

Accelerate global content production

Meet the demands of global customers by reducing time-to-market for translated content by up to 50%

Drive translation efficiency

Take control of the translation process and reduce the cost and burden of translation and review by as much as 40%

Translate more than ever before

Increase automation and deliver the best possible experience by translating more content than ever before

Ignite your customer experience with a complete, integrated and easy to deploy language solution.

Take control of translation processes with central workflow management, automation, and reporting

Have confidence in your global communication with high quality translation services and consultancy

Deliver real-time communication with automated translation tailored to your business

Boost productivity and collaboration with translation software, including SDL Trados Studio

Achieve consistent terminology across global brands

Create a professional user experience in any language

Discover our industry specific language platforms tailored to the unique needs of your business

Language Solutions for Your Role


Create the right blend of translation technology and services to ensure your team can adapt to ever changing business goals, content challenges, internal processes and language requirements.

Software Development & Localization

Release new software into international markets on time and to a high quality with SDL Software Localization tools and services.


Get ahead of the digital content explosion and a growing global economy with a full spectrum of translation technology, consulting and services in one integrated solution suite.

Technical Documentation

Optimize documentation and translation processes, reduce time-to-market, lower costs and increase terminology consistency by combining a range of software and solutions from SDL.


Unlock hidden savings with a translation solution that reduces cost, drives efficiency, and provides complete visibility into the translation process and spend.

Customer Support

Deliver an exceptional post-sales experience to customers around the globe with translation solutions designed for after-sales support content.

Maximize your customer experience by combining it with:

Manage the entire content lifecycle for product information

Manage and deliver digital content to engage customers.

Convert data into smart insights for data-driven decision making.

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