SDL celebrates 20 years of innovation 

Our highlights from 2002 - 2012


Acquired Alterian - company reaches over 2700 staff


Acquired Calamares for media management


Aquired Language Weaver and Xopus

Launched BeGlobal


Aquired XyEnterprise and Fredhopper

Launched SDL Trados Studio


Acquired Idiom

Launched SDL Automated Translation Solutions

2007Acquired Tridion, Pass Engineering and Trisoft
2006Launched Global Authoring technology
2005Acquired Trados
2004Launched SDL Knowledge-based Translation System
2003£64m annual turnover, 1200 staff and offices in 25 countries
2002Acquired Machine Translation technology

Our highlights from 1992 - 2001


Aquired Alpnet and ITP

Opened offshore facilities in China and Thailand

2000Launched cloud-based translation management system
1999Company floats on London Stock Exchange, grows to 280 staff
1998£10m annual turnover
1997Expanded into Asia, Europe, and the US
1996First VC funding
1995First acquisition, translation memory technology
1994£2m annual turnover, company grows to 50 staff
1993Company grows to 12 staff
1992Company founded in Maidenhead, UK by Mark Lancaster
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