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Machine Translation

Protect data with a high quality machine translation inside the corporate network

Automatic translation of all your business content

High-quality machine translation is possible today with neural MT and can help businesses rapidly increase the speed at which communications to customers and prospects can be tailored for international markets. Businesses looking to effectively address the multilingual requirements across product, engineering, marketing, support and other internal groups, will require a machine translation solution that is powerful, secure and flexible to adapt to changing requirements in terms of content type, format, linguistic style and target deployment.

Secure Enterprise Machine Translation

For the modern global enterprise, government agency or high-value content publisher, data security and privacy are critical concerns. Deployed on premise, or in a private cloud environment, SDL Enterprise Translation Server is designed for those facing tight regulations, and offers total control over the data that needs to be translated. Data never leaves the corporate network, and only individuals with the right access rights – based on their role – can access content.
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Out of-the-box Integrations

MT must be accessible and easy to use within a business application or workflow to drive value across the organization. A web user interface, MS Office plug-in, and rich REST API are provided to integrate translation within any business application or workflow. Additionally, MT integrates with SDL Translation Management and Translation Productivity tools to streamline enterprise translation management, delivering consistent and higher quality translations across the enterprise.

Advancing MT with neural machine translation

“NMT holds the promise of delivering significantly better MT and extending it to areas where current solutions are not good enough and content remains untranslated. CSA Research predicts that NMT will play an ever-increasing role in enterprises’ multilingual content strategies,” said Arle Lommel, senior analyst at CSA Research.

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