SDL BeGlobal 
 Automated translation in the cloud 

SDL BeGlobal - Product Overview

Automated translation for business

The social web has changed the world in many ways. Today’s customers expect more online, social and instant interactions in their native language. This trend is forcing companies to address multiple types of communication – from high-quality editorial content to task-driven support content – across more languages and channels than ever before. With SDL BeGlobal, any business user or content owner across the organization is empowered to communicate with their customer, in the language of the customer’s choice. 

SDL BeGlobal Login

Translation for business users

With SDL BeGlobal, business users are now enabled to manage secure, global and trusted communications with customers in real-time through one central interface for multiple types of content, communication and social media while significantly reducing their translation costs. The application can also be used by translation teams to increase productivity for content that requires human translation or review or reduce post-editing costs through crowd-sourcing.

Easy translation setup

TouchPoints are a simple way to set up new global communication channels to ensure that the end user experience is always positive and reflective of brand expectations. Through a simple and flexible configuration within the SDL BeGlobal web interface, business users can decide how to route and manage different types of translations.   With the setup of a single communication ‘TouchPoint’, SDL BeGlobal allows users to define and control the content type, the language, the quality and the time and place of multilingual interaction.
SDL BeGlobal Dashboard
SDL BeGlobal Translation Management

Trusted translation output

SDL BeGlobal’s translation engines automatically translate multiple types of digital content in your enterprise, from support documentation & website content, to chat conversations & email. Our translation engines are trained in multiple domains and come with SDL TrustScore™ ranked outputs – our patent pending algorithm for ensuring that your quality needs are met.

Brand and terminology management

SDL BeGlobal’s Term and Brand Lists enable you to quickly and easily control the translated output of specific terminology, thereby ensuring
that your brand messaging and global trademarks are consistent across all of your global content. Customized lists of terminology can be created for specific use-cases or content types, giving you unprecedented control over your automated translation needs, no matter what your application.
SDL BeGlobal Term and Brand Management


SDL BeGlobal Trainer - an extension of SDL BeGlobal - enables enterprises and language service providers to easily and securely train automated (machine) translation software to deliver higher-quality automated translations.

Flexible access options

The SDL BeGlobal Platform offers multiple access options to meet customer requirements:
  • Web Application
  • Pre-Integration with SDL GlobalConnect
  • For Individual Use Within a Business
    • Simple desktop application- SDL BeGlobal Desktop
    • Personal browser – SDL BeGlobal Translator (NEW)

Reliable and secure

SDL BeGlobal is built on a multi-tenant architecture for optimum performance.  It uses the HTTPS protocol to provide encrypted communication and secure identification.  A new premium security deployment option is available which guarantees physical separation of data through the translation cycle in SDL to comply with company, IT and regulatory security procedures for companies with additional security requirements.

Resources and downloads

To learn more about SDL BeGlobal and automated translation, please see our resources in this section.