Looking for SDL Xopus? It's now known as SDL LiveContent Create, part of the new integrated SDL LiveContent solution.

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 SDL LiveContent Create 
 All the power of XML. None of the complexity 

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Eliminate XML complexity

Organizations are looking to expand the benefits of XML beyond traditional content authors, to new departments and to subject matter experts and reviewers. However, the perceived complexity of XML and, in particular DITA, makes it hard for organizations to adopt such ways of working. SDL LiveContent Create is designed to eliminate the complexity of XML with intuitive WYSIWYG editing with a browser, but retain all the power of XML

Reinvent collaborative review

SDL LiveContent Create reinvents how content is reviewed and edited collaboratively. In combination with the SDL LiveContent solution, an editing and commenting framework allows content authors to collaborate directly with SMEs in one controlled environment. It eliminates archaic review processes, such as PDF mark-up. Comments and edits can be made directly on any topic and are always maintained so that feedback between author and reviewer is never lost and editing remains on one pure format - XML.