Automated translation 
 Translate more content at less cost. 

Why automated translation?

As the world becomes more connected and people have access to more information, there are growing demands to communicate more effectively across languages. Automated translation accelerates global communication to support new market expansion, delivers a positive customer experience and enables instant access to information in a user’s preferred language.

Automated translation opportunities

SDL's automated translation software enables companies to communicate more effectively across languages and channels.  For example: 

  • Customer care teams can offer efficient multilingual assistance through online support content, chat and email.
  • Localization experts can improve efficiency by adding automation to a standard human translation workflow.
  • Government analysts and intelligence workers can rapidly translate foreign language data for mission critical decision making.

The facts

Today, automated translation is being used throughout the enterprise to communicate more effectively and drive both cost savings and revenue opportunities.  

  • Support teams have dramatically increased traffic to self-service support sites, and increased call deflection.
  • Large web properties have increased click through rates and time spent on the site by translating user reviews.
  • Localization departments have increased translation throughput by adding automated translation to the workflow.

Translation innovation

To support our customers, SDL continues to deliver technology breakthroughs to the industry. Some of these include: 

  • The ability to train language pairs to deliver better quality for customers.
  • SDL TrustScoreTM, an algorithm which delivers a quality score for every translation generated.
  • Scalability to handle unprecedented speeds and publishing demands.

Want to learn more about how automated translation can help your business?

If you are new to automated translation, we have provided additional resources for you to learn more.