SDL MultiTerm

Manage your terminology with confidence and quality

Effectively manage your global brand across content, languages and channels with SDL MultiTerm. Store and manage terminology and share it with all those involved in applying terminology, including engineers, marketers, translators and terminologists, ensuring consistent and high-quality content from source through to translation.

Manage your global

Protect the voice of your global brand by leveraging one centralized "playbook" of terms for every language, content owner and translator.

Improve multilingual content quality

Drive consistency across the organization with modern terminology tools, customizable dictionaries and glossaries, as well as built-in quality controls.

Become more productive

Work smarter with powerful terminology software that lets you quickly search, reference and apply brand, term and style guidelines for any language or translation project.

Terminology management

Use SDL’s market-leading terminology management tool out of the box to create, edit and manage corporate terminology. Get even more performance enhancement when you use MultiTerm Desktop in conjunction with SDL Trados Studio, as well as other tools from the SDL Language Platform.

Real-time terminology tools

Easily check the meaning, translation or approved style of a word or phrase in real time as you read, write or translate.

Powerful search functionality

Quickly find the right term in the right context using fast and powerful searches of your term databases and dictionaries.

Scalability and integration

Build multiple glossaries and access them from within any SDL Language Platform solution, including SDL Trados Studio, SDL GroupShare, SDL Passolo or SDL WorldServer.

Terminology Sharing

Get access to the terminology that’s relevant to you and your teams from one central location at any time. Translators and content creators can refer to the most up-to-date terms, wherever they are in the world using client/server and web technology.

Real-time terminology tools

Allow translation teams to access terminology glossaries instantly and take advantage of group power when combined with SDL Studio GroupShare or SDL WorldServer.

Access rights management

Always stay in control; provide the right users with the appropriate access to any termbase when necessary.

Unrivaled team collaboration

Share SDL MultiTerm glossaries with anyone interested in working with terminology, even those outside of your translation teams, with SDL MultiTerm Workflow.

Terminology lifecycle management

Empower your whole organization to contribute towards the creation of comprehensive terminology databases.

Extend the use of terminology beyond the translation department to ensure a pragmatic, fast and easy way to provide access to your terminology databases.

Manage terminology creation

Manage change requests in real time. Accept requests from anywhere in the business for new terminology to be created or amended.

Automate your processes

Speed up and simplify terminology management jobs such as requesting, changing, defining, voting, approving and translating terminology.

Engage with terminology users

Make terminology easier to access, understand and use by providing simple and "non-terminological" access to any termbase and focusing on your users' needs.
SDL MultiTerm 2014 is part of the SDL Language Platform and works together with our other tools to improve your productivity.

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