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SDL Tridion Sites: Web Experience Management

Enabling Marketers to Power Digital Experiences and Deliver Contextual Content Globally

Enabling a Continuous Digital Experience for your Customers

SDL Tridion Sites (formerly SDL Web), is a powerful web experience management solution that enables companies to effectively manage a complex environment of marketing and commerce-led content across web, mobile and other digital touchpoints to deliver continuous digital experiences. 

SDL Tridion Sites is part of SDL Tridion DX, which combines the best of Web Content Management (WCM), with DITA-based Structured Content Management (SDL Tridion Docs) and translation technology to power digital experiences on a global scale, supported by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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Drive Emotional Connections, Conversions and Revenue

The Personal Touch

Match your content to customer profile information, browsing behavior and device to forge emotional connections with real-time personalization.

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Create Consistency

Speak your Customers’ Language

Ensure your customers have a locally relevant digital experience by automatically managing and distributing translated content across channels.

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Bring Multimedia to Life

Bring your brand to life by delivering rich media content in the right format with automatic device detection, media optimization and CDN delivery.

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Accelerate Implementation

Deploy with Flexibility

A decoupled architecture, REST-based micro-services and modular setup ensure you can deploy on-premise, in the cloud or using hybrids for ultimate agility.

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Ars Logica’s Compass Guide to WCM, Q4 2017

Evaluation of SDL Tridion Sites 8.5


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