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Successfully expanding your business into international markets will mean speaking to your prospective and existing customers in their native tongue. However, delivering content in multiple languages with ever-shortening deadlines can be challenging, stressful and expensive.

Whether you manage your translation projects in-house, outsource them or use a combination of the two, our free guides, webinars and resources will help anyone who manages translation projects to significantly speed up the process, improve efficiency and translation quality, and reduce costs.

Webinar: Saving time, money and effort for your translation function
This recorded webinar examines some of the common challenges when dealing with large multilingual translation projects in a typical time-pressured scenario. Watch to learn ways that translation technology can help to reduce the workload.
Webcast: Building the business case for translation technology
View our webcast to explore the many benefits that harnessing technology, specifically designed for managing translation projects, will deliver for your business - including faster time-to-market, improved consistency, tighter security and reduced costs.
Webcast: How to set up an internal translation team
José Blanco, business consultant and co-founder of Locdep, takes you through the processes you need to consider when building your first translation function. Using his many years’ experience advising companies on this area, topics covered include identifying when it makes business sense to make the move; how to attract the right talent; what systems and processes you need to put in place; common mistakes and pitfalls to avoid.
Webcast: Demystifying quality assurance in Studio 2019

Learn how to easily reduce errors and enhance the quality of your organization's collateral by making the most of the QA and verification features in SDL Trados Studio.

Webcast: Help your team become even more efficient with SDL Trados GroupShare
Discover how SDL Trados GroupShare helps translation teams to work more efficiently. The session shows how GroupShare saves time in the translation process, improving quality and reducing administration, so you can deliver high quality translations fast.
Webcast: The easy to use SDL Trados GroupShare Online Editor
See the SDL Trados GroupShare Online Editor in action in this 15 minute product demonstration. You will learn how it can help you to be more flexible and agile in the way you work with translations, translators and reviewers — and provides additional security options to keep control over your content.
Webcast: Beginner's guide to SDL Trados Studio 2019 - Part 1
In this brief introduction to the key translation resources in SDL Trados Studio, you will be taken through the Studio 2019 user interface, shown how to create and add a translation memory and a termbase, and how to save your translated file — plus many more tricks and tips to get you started.
Webcast: Troubleshooting common project preparation issues
During this session you will learn how to tackle common translation preparation issues, such as dealing with complex file types.
eBook: Four ways to help your translation team achieve more
Expanding your translation team to take on more work can bring its own unique challenges. This eBook shows how our team translation solution, SDL Trados GroupShare, opens up a new, efficient way of working that cuts down on translation project admin and speeds up the process of translating.
Blog: The power of QA in a translation project
The project manager plays a pivotal role in ensuring optimum quality of translation results. In this blog, Greta Magyar, Customer Success Representative at SDL, shares her personal experience of how to fine tune processes and QA (Quality Assurance) settings in SDL Trados Studio to achieve the highest translation quality for your business.
eGuide: Outsource your work, not your knowledge
Discover why introducing translation technology internally, even if translation work is rarely or never performed in-house, will benefit an organization in this straightforward eGuide.
eGuide: 11 tips on effective time management for project managers
It can be tough to keep on top of projects, manage your team and inform different stakeholders on progress. Download our top tips guide on effective time management for project managers and find out how to regain control of your time.
White paper: Optimize content for global markets

To avoid rework and revision, and therefore delays, when managing a translation project you need to ensure the localized content speaks to your target audience. Our white paper covers common misconceptions, how to approach localization and beat the barriers of consistency and cost.

eBook: Solving the four core challenges of in-house translation
This eGuide covers the four major obstacles you’re likely to face when it comes to in-house translation for medium to larger-sized companies, as well as how you can solve them with intelligent translation technology.
eBook: A guide to better project management with SDL Trados GroupShare
Translation project managers are used to juggling multiple projects, solving problems and working to tight deadlines. Using practical everyday scenarios, this short eBook describes how SDL Trados GroupShare helps our customers to be more cost efficient whilst retaining high standards of translation quality.
Infographic: How growing translation teams can achieve more, in less steps
See how SDL Trados GroupShare reduces your manual project steps from 14 down to 3. By reducing the number of steps you’ll benefit from a highly flexible, more visible, secure way of working that gives more control and frees up more time.
SDL Community: free knowledge online

The SDL Community is a virtual corpus of international localization professionals. Simply login, join groups and follow topics that are of interest to you. Thousands of experts share their thoughts, knowledge and expertise making the SDL Community a great resource for help, tips and advice.

SDL Trados Business Manager: All you need to manage your translation function
The operational tasks required to run your organisation's translation function are vital, but they can take time away from what matters most — localizing your business content to produce high quality translations, fast. Integrated with SDL Trados Studio and SDL Trados GroupShare, SDL Trados Business Manager helps you with end-to-end management of translation jobs from managing resources and costs, to tracking projects, monitoring quality and reporting.
Product brief: SDL Trados Studio
Discover the key features and benefits of SDL Trados Studio 2019, the world's leading Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tool. SDL Trados Studio is a complete environment for language professionals to edit or review translations, manage translation projects and organize corporate terminology.
Free trial: SDL Trados Studio 2019
Download your free trial of SDL Trados Studio 2019 and translate free for 30 days. With all the features of the full Professional edition of Studio, you can experience the time-saving enhancements in the latest version of our computer-assisted translation tool.
Product brief: SDL Trados GroupShare
Automate project management tasks, centralize translation assets and control access to files with SDL Trados GroupShare. Match your existing workflow and processes by adding GroupShare hosted in the cloud, or on a server, to transform the way your team works.
Free trial: SDL Trados GroupShare
Experience SDL Trados GroupShare for yourself and see how it can save your organization time and effort and transform the way you manage your translations. Get in touch to request your free SDL Trados GroupShare trial.
SDL AppStore: for translators, reviewers, project managers and developers

Use the SDL AppStore to download apps to customize and extend the functionality of SDL software - such as SDL Trados Studio. Downloading an app is easy. Click the download button, sign into your SDL Account and follow the installation instructions. 

Developers and technology partners can access our Software Development Kit (SDK) through the Developer Program to build apps for internal use or to add to the SDL AppStore.

Training: make the most of your translation software
SDL training is delivered by our expert Approved Trainers in a wide variety of languages and at over 35 locations around the world. Develop your skills through our trainer-led courses, live online training or online self-paced eLearning. Then show off your skills with SDL Certification.

Building the business case for translation technology

Download our eGuide to show your stakeholders the many business benefits to be gained by investing in dedicated translation technology.