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Secure, high quality translation solutions in the cloud

Discover intelligent self-learning Machine Translation

Speed up the translation process with the help of innovative, high quality machine translation. Choose from our self-learning AdaptiveMT engines which improve in real-time, or our custom engines that can be pre-trained using your existing content. Our industry specific engines are created using industry relevant content resulting in higher quality suggestions that can be further refined with your unique terminology.
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Real-time adaptive machine translation

AdaptiveMT represents a remarkable change in machine translation technology, one that will transform the way you work. SDL AdaptiveMT is your own personal machine translation engine that learns from you as you translate. Accessed via SDL Trados Studio, AdaptiveMT learns and improves seamlessly, continuously and in real-time to save time and money by minimising future post-editing.

Get intelligent suggestions, as you type

Amplify your work rate with the combined power of AutoSuggest 2.0 and SDL Language Cloud Machine Translation, the perfect partnership of translation productivity tools. Transform the way you work with intuitive, sub-segment MT suggestions, as you type your translation.

Industry specific MT engines

Connect to industry specific MT engines and receive improved machine translation recommendations. Industry engines are available in a variety of languages for the automotive, consumer electronics, travel, IT and life science industries.
Industry Specific Engine
Translating using MT

Utilize your terminology for better results

Ensure less post-editing is required when using MT by improving the output quality of the translation results. Simply incorporate personal terms and brands in the form of a dictionary (.TBX file). Held securely outside of the MT engine, your personal terms are referenced as part of the look-up process to deliver highly-customized results.

Easy terminology management in the cloud

SDL Language Cloud Terminology is our next-generation, easy-to-use terminology management solution allowing termbases to be created, populated and managed online.  With tight integration in to SDL Trados Studio, SDL Language Cloud Terminology is available for free, or through an annual subscription where termbases can additionally be shared and imported and exported to and from Excel.

SDL Language Cloud Terminology
LC Dictionary

Build a customized solution with your existing content

Achieve higher levels of productivity while preserving translation quality, with the ability to train engines using your existing content. Custom MT Engines provide translation professionals with a source of bespoke, high quality suggestions that require less post-editing, helping to increase overall productivity and content quality.

Translate safely and securely

Translate your documents in the cloud with the peace of mind and confidence your intellectual property is safe. SDL Language Cloud Machine Translation never stores or shares your source material, and translates over a secure, encrypted connection ensuring complete confidentiality.
Translate safely and securely

Attend a post-editing training course

We are pleased to offer a training course on post-editing machine translation (PEMT) and for SDL Trados Studio license holders, this course is free. The easily-digestible program is designed to give users the skills and confidence to get started. SDL has worked with machine translation for over 15 years so let us help you remove some of the mystery and fear around PEMT.

Get started today

Accessing SDL Language Cloud Machine Translation is easy and it free to get started.  If you already have an SDL ID you can register for SDL Language Cloud Machine Translation by clicking here. SDL Trados Studio users who do not have an SDL ID can register here.

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