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Machine translation (MT) refers to software that can perform instant translation of content from one language to another. The escalating growth of mobile and social media along with the increasing e-commerce industry are major reasons contributing towards the need for translation and localization services. MT offers a very cost effective solution to translate large volumes content in short period of time to better engage with customers, uncover newer insights, and innovate.

SDL ETS 8.0 now available with new advanced features

Highest quality MT engine customized to your business

Create an MT engine that learns new terms and phrases in the right context and tone of your business for higher quality translations. Out of the box, SDL offers a Neural Machine Translation (NMT) engine developed, trained, and validated through industry leading machine learning and AI technology, high quality data, and expert translators. Unlike consumer grade, generic MT engines on the market, SDL offers self-service or SDL assisted customization for over 100 language pairs.

Top ten MT use case webinar series

Security and control of your translated business content

Avoid business content exchange with online MT tools that can expose your data. With SDL, choose enterprise-grade MT that keeps your translated content safe and secure. SDL MT offers enterprise grade MT with flexible and secure deployment options – client managed SDL Enterprise Translation Server on-premises, private cloud, and Virtual Private Cloud (AWS), and fully managed SDL BeGlobal on multi-tenant public cloud.

Out of-the-box Integrations

MT must be accessible and easy to use within a business application or workflow to drive value across the organization. A web user interface, MS Office plug-in, and rich REST API are provided to integrate translation within any business application or workflow. Additionally, MT integrates with SDL Translation Management and Translation Productivity tools to streamline enterprise translation management, delivering consistent and higher quality translations across the enterprise.

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Customer Spotlight

To help users quickly understand patents in different languages and search for key information, RWS Group was required to translate more than 17 billion characters a month from 27 languages. The company chose SDL Enterprise Translation Server (ETS), a highly scalable and cost-effective machine translation (MT) solution that can be deployed on-premises or private cloud. Download this case study to learn the results achieved with SDL ETS:

  • On-premises, enterprise MT keeps confidential data secure
  • Monthly MT output covering 17 billion characters from 27 languages
  • Improved total cost of ownership (TCO)

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