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Product Training and How-To Videos

Introduction to MT Efficiency

Learn the core aspects and considerations to machine translation efficiency. Understand the benefits of machine translation engines, the usage of post-editing and the factors for integration in the technology stack.

Engine Creation & Validation

Learn the components of BeGlobal Trainer and the considerations for engine creation to obtain the best possible output. Understand which factors to plan based on style, size and quality of content and how to leverage your newly created engine for future use. Discover tips for creating language pairs, how to evaluate machine translation output utilizing BLEU score and the best practices surrounding usage. Become familiar with why and when to use human evaluation.

Integration into the Technology Stack

Understand the layer of components, processes and services for the best machine translation experience. Learn how to integrate machine translation into your workflows and your company’s overall business eco-system.


This recording is for language service providers and translators who work with BeGlobal output. Learn about Post-Editing Statistical Machine Translation and BeGlobal Trainer, how they work and how to obtain the best output. Understand the challenges of machine translation output, create effective post-editing output and identify the expected behaviors.
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