Nielsen adopts a 360-degree approach to customer experience in over 100 countries

In the past five years alone, Nielsen calculates it has saved over $2 million through its successful partnership with SDL.

Centralized translation and localization in up to 64 languages

“SDL has a truly global footprint and a wide range of internal resources with the capacity to absorb large volumes of work with minimum turnaround times. Being able to scale like that is a huge advantage for a company like ours.”
Bruno Herrmann, Senior Director of Digital
Globalization at Nielsen
As its requirements grew, Nielsen needed to centrally manage the localization of user interfaces, documentation, eLearning content and surveys for its own products and services. SDL Translation Management System (TMS) was key to centralizing the translation and localization process for all this content in up to 64 languages.

A structured approach to help files

Nielsen opted to use SDL Knowledge Center to centrally manage and streamline the creation, translation and localization of product help files, overhauling previous fragmented practices. SDL Knowledge Center acted as a central hub, providing the technical writers and product leaders a single source of truth and a unified approach that greatly improved efficiency.