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Avoiding CX Failure Fallout

Customer experience may be a top priority for companies worldwide, but despite the massive effort being put in, consumers remain critical. For example, when nearly 3000 people were asked about their biggest customer experience success or failure in the last decade, 76% recalled a failure. Only 55% of those surveyed could remember a success. And the failure bar is low; 25% of the “massive” failures cost the customer only $20 and less than an hour to fix. 

Making your customer experience ‘failsafe’ starts with listening to the voice of the customer and charting a course to avoid CX failure and the inevitable fallout. This includes diagnosing the failure path, understanding how different regions and generations classify failure, getting serious about failure attribution, mapping behavioral responses by region and generation, and partnering with customers on problem resolution.

Voice of the Customer: It's time for a Global CX Wakeup Call

In the latest research from SDL "The Global CX Wakeup Call" we explored where the single or most prominent points of CX failure and CX success happen and the impacts to the business.

Avoiding CX Failure Infographic

Highlights from recent research on customer experience failures and the resulting behavior, including the impact on a brand

Voice of the Customer: "It’s time to address the failure"

The latest customer experience research from SDL, covering customer experience failures, resulting behavior and the impact on a brand