Make every marketing campaign count with content targeting each of your customers

Manage enterprise campaigns across languages, channels & devices

Your customers are unique - your campaigns should be too. Keep customers engaged throughout the buying journey with tailored content delivered wherever they are. That’s why over 400 global brands choose SDL to power their campaigns.

Understand your customers

Pool everything you know about your customers into one place so you always get the full picture.

Target them individually

Use intelligent analytics to adapt your strategy and respond to your customer’s changing needs in context.

Build your brand loyalty

Deliver a consistent experience across languages, channels and devices, turning browsers into brand advocates.

Powerful customer insights

Learn what your customers’ like and predict what they’ll want next. Drill down to create unique customer segments and combine all customer data into a clear, visual dashboard so you can respond to their changing needs.

Targeted multi-channel campaigns

Deliver consistent, engaging campaigns across multiple digital and offline channels tailored to your customer, wherever they are. Improve your efficiency with higher levels of automation and use intelligent reporting to adjust campaigns in real time.

Integrated rich media

Give your customers a rich online experience with interactive multimedia that drives customer engagement and conversions at every step. Integrate interactive images and video into your campaigns quickly, while eliminating common problems like complex file formats, localization and delivery issues.

Easy localization

Bring your brand to the world faster with tightly-integrated localization capabilities that speed up translation of your campaigns while cutting out costly, error-prone ways of working. Provide relevant experiences specific to your customer’s language and cultural context, without the hassle.

Maximize your customer experience by combining it with:

Manage the complexity involved in content management, syndication and contextual delivery across multiple channels, devices, languages, brands, sites and affiliate sites.

With a catalog of over 200 languages, SDL can help you reach virtually any customer or prospect with content in their preferred language across multiple channels.

Optimize every customer touchpoint by predicting what customers will search for, click on and buy.

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