Top 10 Enterprise Machine Translation Use Cases: #1 Secure Communication and Collaboration

It’s clear that Machine Translation (MT) has become an indispensable resource for global consumers and business users, with an estimated 500+ billion words translated per day across generic free online MT services.

This huge need for instant translation and the substantial associated risk around data privacy and security make it imperative for Enterprise IT and HR management to seek more controlled and secure MT solutions. Fortunately, this issue can be solved with enterprise-grade MT, which is critical for groups within global organizations that deal with sensitive content and require secure communications and collaboration.

In this webinar, SDL expert speakers Kirti Vashee and Randy Endemann, who have over 15 years' experience delivering customized MT solutions, discuss:

  • How clients can integrate MT into core business applications while protecting information privacy and security.
  • Real use cases that help clients gain value from Enterprise MT that can be customized for an organization’s application and mission.

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