Protect Your Data With SDL Machine Translation

If employees in your company are using one of those free web-based translation tools to instantly translate work documents, you probably have a problem with Intellectual Property leakage. Some percentage of the content they are translating - HR and legal documents, contracts, healthcare information, developer notes for pre-release products - is sensitive content and it should not be exposed outside of the firewall.

Watch this informative discussion with Paul von Wupperfeld, Worldwide Translation & Localization Manager of Texas Instruments, and learn:

  • How Texas Instruments was able to build a secure internal instant translation portal for employee use, in compliance with their security policy, to protect confidential content
  • How to enlist IT to measure the volume of content employees are entering into free, un-secure web-based translation tools (and how to block or redirect that traffic if necessary)
  • How to educate your employees about security policy compliance

Learn more about SDL Secure Enterprise Machine Translation.