We talk dozens of languages. Including yours.

Our 15,000-plus in-territory translators don’t just speak a language. They live it.

And our cloud-based platform turns chaos into control when you’re managing multiple projects. Put them together and what have you got? Right-first-time translations that really cut through without the usual complications, delays and costs.

Are we talking your language?

Here’s to full cloud-control of your translations…. Check project status 24/7 via your online dashboard and save money with the smart “translation memory” which means you only pay once for any translated phrase, however many times you use it in the future.

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Deliver quicker

This simple but powerful platform is proven to cut the time to market for translated content.

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Save costs & gain control

Use your personal dashboard to track project progress, manage spend and identify savings.

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Improve quality & security

Our expert ISO certified translation service delivered through a robust and secure cloud platform.

Your quote in 30 seconds

Why wait for a quote? Simply upload your file below (almost any file format works!), choose ‘to’ and ‘from’ languages... and we’ll whisk you a quote back in seconds.

Why choose SDL?

Getting an accurate translation is not enough. You need an effective translation – one that will really connect with your audiences in-territory.

But even that isn’t enough.

You also need to deliver brilliant localization efficiently, on-time and on-budget. And that means getting the right service too.

That’s why those-who-know won’t accept less than SDL. The very best in-country translators operating to ISO 9001 standards accessed through world-class technology and supported by expert account managers.

Put it all together and the result is translations that really work and total project control.

It means the power to match quality and price to the priority level of your material.

It means progressively saving more, the more you translate – a benefit of our smart “translation memory”.

And because you’ll be working for the world’s largest and best-resourced partner you’ll always have the professional backup you deserve.

Translating the quote

All quotes are not the same – even when the price is. The quality of translators can vary widely (ours doesn’t). Processes and standards can be of very different levels (or even non-existent). And saving money will often cost you much more in time or trouble.

Find the important questions to ask in this useful infographic.

Different businesses, different countries, different languages.

Always the same customer satisfaction.

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“Drastically reduced the time spent on projects by streamlining submissions down to minutes, allowing us to focus on other priorities.”
Anastasiya Pozoreva, Head of Translation and Localization
Kaspersky Lab
“…quality of the translation… and speed in the delivery… I am very happy to work with the team.”
Viviana Plasil, Marketing Manager Germany
Austria, ReachLocal
“We’re now able to launch translation projects at the click of a mouse, access up-to-date project data at any time.”
Birgit Puchner, Technical Writer
“We’ve not only increased our output and efficiency, we’ve also improved quality and consistency.”
Mark Lapidus, Director of Digital
Brand USA