SDL Xopus

Ensure high quality structured content right from the source with user friendly XML editing integrated into your content management system

You have your reasons for working with structured content, whether that is multichannel publishing, reduced translation costs, content reuse, or government regulations. But how do you create content in the right structure? Avoid conversion problems by allowing everyone in your organization to work directly within their web browser to improve workflow efficiency, improve content consistency and reduce your author training costs .

User friendly interface

The easy to use, browser based interface lowers the barrier for working with your content to ensure more people in your organization can contribute.

Easy integration and customization

Easily map schema elements to UI and behavior. Whether you want to configure SDL Xopus to save documents, build custom user interfaces or customize complex data look ups, the Javascript API allows a high level of customization.
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Prevalidation editing

Disable all actions in the UI that would make a document invalid so you never have to fix validation problems, or even save invalid documents. This level of control assures that you can safely enable contributors access to your structured content.


Rich copy and paste

Still using Microsoft Word for legacy content? The document structure in SDL Xopus is controlled by an XML schema so only the structure you want is copied, and all other formatting information is removed to achieve a clear separation of content from style.


Key features of SDL Xopus

  • Intuitive WYSIWYG editing
  • User friendly interface 
  • Easy integration and customization 
  • Rich copy and paste 
  • Modern web browser support 
  • Prevalidation editing 
  • Full support for industry XML standards and customization for any other XML schema

What's next

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