SDL Tridion DX

Transforming Content

into Continuous Digital Experiences

Building Continuous Customer Journeys

Many organizations are transforming their technology and processes to embrace customer-centricity and address customer journey fragmentation.

SDL Tridion DX unites the way you create, translate and deliver content, bridging the silos between departments to create a continuous customer journey.  

It combines the strengths of SDL Tridion Sites web content management, SDL Tridion Docs structured content management and SDL language technology and services.

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SDL Tridion DX: Build Experiences from Creation through Translation to Delivery

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For Your Entire Organization: Creating a Unified Customer Experience

At each step along the customer journey, from pre-sale to purchase to post-sale, content drives the customer experience. With SDL Tridion DX, you combine marketing, commerce, product and service content into a single, holistic experience in your customers' preferred language.

Marketing Experiences

Marketing Experiences

With SDL Tridion DX, global marketing organizations deliver an ever-growing portfolio of content across channels with maximum impact in multiple markets.

Product Content

Product Content

SDL Tridion DX unlocks product content and makes it an integral part of the customer experience, providing in-depth product information, user guidance and self-service. 

IT Agility

IT Agility

SDL Tridion DX provides unlimited scalability, platform interoperability, flexible deployment, open standards, APIs, and traditional as well as headless cross-platform publishing.

What is SDL Tridion DX?

SDL Tridion Sites

SDL Tridion Sites is a scalable enterprise-wide web content management system that provides unparalleled multilingual, omni-channel and multi-brand capabilities.

It offers interoperability with your broader digital experience ecosystem through robust open APIs and connectors.

SDL Tridion Docs

SDL Tridion Docs is a DITA-based structured content management system for dynamic documentation delivery to any touchpoint. 

It provides multilingual content management, content and translation reuse, collaboration tools, and integrated workflows.

SDL Language Translation

SDL Translation Management technology automates processes, manages translation assets and provides collaboration capabilities. 

SDL also offers expert translation services such as transcreation, document localization, global media services and website localization.

Improve Content, Processes and Customer Journeys



A unified content architecture across:

  • Sites
  • Brands and products
  • Documents and publications
  • Channels
  • Languages


A streamlined content supply chain across:

  • Creation, translation and delivery
  • Regions, departments and functions
  • Customer touchpoints


From pre-sale through to purchase and support:

  • Personal
  • Contextual
  • Engaging
  • On-brand
  • Relevant

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