SDL MultiTerm Workflow

Company-wide terminology workflow and lifecycle management

Extend the use of terminology beyond your translation department and offer a pragmatic, fast and easy way for anyone to access common terms. SDL MultiTerm Workflow empowers the entire organization to contribute to the terminology creation process.

Simplify term management

Share terminology company-wide

Manage new term requests with ease

Inclusive terminology

Remove the complexities of company-wide terminology management with a new and innovative way to work with SDL MultiTerm termbases. Building on existing comprehensive terminology functionality, SDL MultiTerm Workflow provides a simple and fast look-up tool for terminology, as well as a sophisticated workflow solution.
MultiTerm Workflow

Simplified terminology management

MultiTerm Workflow - Terminology Management

Speed up and simplify terminology management jobs such as requesting, changing, defining, voting, approving and translating terminology. Using unique workflow functionality, terminologists can involve a large number of company stakeholders to become part of a truly collaborative terminology process that is not just limited to translation professionals.

Complete insight

Get a real-time picture of all activity that has happened within any termbase. Drill down into any activity and see the details of any change and then act on them, either re-submitting them for approval, translation or resetting them to their original state.
MultiTerm Workflow - Complete Insight

Return on investment

Increase the return you get from terminology by increasing the amount of users involved and facilitating a more effective workflow when it comes to defining and approving terminology. These two processes form about 75% of the effort of terminology work, which means SDL MultiTerm Workflow can deliver considerable cost savings for your organization.