Manage your terminology to create a consistent global brand experience

Speak with one voice in every language

Ensure your brand and content delivers a consistent customer experience in every language. SDL terminology management software and services save time and money, and protect your brand by preventing translation mistakes and discrepancies in critical words and phrases. Don’t let the voice of your global brand get lost in translation – literally.

Protect your global brand

Ensure brand and content accuracy and consistency in every translation.

Improve content quality

Protect terminology quality and consistency across the entire content lifecycle.

Empower every contributor

Allow every department to use the same vocabulary for all content types.

Always use the right word with SDL checkTerm

SDL checkTerm uses intelligent morphological technology to quickly and cost-effectively check whether your content's terminology is correct and consistent, helping to improve the quality of your branding and communications.

Explore the Terminology Resource Hub

Whether you're an experienced terminologist or a novice to terminology, we've made it easy to find the information you need with our online resource center. Visit the Hub and discover our range of eBooks, infographics, webcasts and more.

Webcast: An introduction to SDL Terminology Solutions

Click to view our on-demand webcast for a practical introduction to SDL’s terminology solutions.
Terminology Management

Global brand management

Manage global brand terminology including product names, SEO keywords and legal terminology across all content, languages and channels. Create easy-to-use glossaries for content authors, reviewers and translators to properly manage your brand in every language, anytime and anywhere across the organization on web browsers, DTP tools, text editing tools and more.

Terminology management software

Create easy-to-use corporate brand terminology databases and glossaries for content authors, reviewers and translators to properly manage your brand in every language.

Flexible, centralized

Provide anytime, anywhere access to centralized company terminology databases and translation dictionaries from within any web browser, DTP tool, text editing tool and more.

Successful corporate governance

Manage product names, SEO keywords, and legal terminology during translation with role-based terminology glossaries that protect your global brand capital and multilingual web presence.

Translation consistency and multilingual content quality

Empower every department, content owner and translator in your organization to use the same vocabulary for all content types and customer languages with SDL terminology management tools to improve your translation quality and efficiency.
Terminology Management

Easy terminology management in the cloud

SDL LC Terminology is our next-generation, easy-to-use terminology management solution allowing termbases to be created, populated and managed online.  With tight integration in to SDL Trados Studio, SDL LC Terminology is available for free, or through an annual subscription where termbases can additionally be shared and imported and exported to and from Excel.

Contextual tools

Quickly and easily identify the right term to use in the right context with searchable term dictionaries and glossaries. Easily apply, edit or add terminology to any content or terminology database.

Translation accuracy

Leverage already translated content to automatically build terminology databases that drive better translation accuracy on future projects. Check the meaning or translation of a word in real time as you read, write or translate.

Productivity boosters

Boost efficiency for content creators and translators with powerful search capabilities and terminology tools that let you quickly locate brand, term and style guidelines for any language or translation project.