Service Releases

The latest FREE update to SDL Trados Studio 2019

SDL's development team are continually working on building additional functionality and features for our translation solutions. Instead of waiting to include these in the next edition, from time to time we issue a Service Release to ensure our customers get the best performance and experience possible from our products.

Service Release 1 (SR1) for SDL Trados Studio 2019 and SDL MultiTerm 2019 is now available to download for FREE from your SDL Account. SDL Trados Studio 2019 SR1 is full of improvements and new features including enhanced alignment for better TM leverage, improved translation memory matches, simplified terminology management in the cloud, easier reviewing with enhanced Track Changes and improved Translation Quality Assessment (TQA).

Enhanced alignment for better TM leverage

With Studio 2019 SR1's enhanced alignment tool, you can create cleaner, high quality results from your previously translated content with:

  • Less clicks to disconnect or realign segments.
  • Easier navigation using "go to" and "find" to fix incorrect connections.
  • Ability to split segments or create new ones.
  • Improved alignment of complex texts with the option to merge up to five segments.
  • Freedom to exclude the metadata from your import.
Find out more about translation alignment.

The alignment tool in SDL Trados Studio converts existing translations into translation units (TUs) to add to a translation memory (TM).
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Improved translation memory matches

In Studio 2019 SR1, we’ve optimized the translation memory engine to deliver the following benefits:

  • Better fuzzy matching with enhanced stemming.
  • Higher accuracy with redeveloped context matching.
  • Enhanced segment and fragment matching, match repair and concordance search.
  • Improvements in recognizing half and full-width characters in Japanese source text.
  • User guidance to ensure TM health when updating settings.
NOTE: SDL Trados Studio 2015 users can use TMs generated in more recent versions of SDL Trados Studio by converting them with the free "TM Compatibility Plugin" from our AppStore.

Simplified terminology management in the cloud

With SDL LC Terminology integrated into Studio 2019 SR1, everyone can benefit from next-generation cloud terminology management with:

  • Higher quality results in searching, both when using linguistic as well as traditional character-based fuzzy searching.
  • Termbases can now be created online through a browser and easily accessed via the cloud.
  • Business users will now have the ability to also share with others collaboratively, ensuring everyone is using the most up-to-date termbases and terminology.
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More is better GroupShare video

Easier reviewing with enhanced Track Changes

Studio 2019 SR1's improved Track Changes functionality allows you to review your translation content easily with: 

  • Flexibility to choose Show Markup, No Markup or Original view allowing you to switch between a compact or more detailed display of changes.
  • Save time making comments by not having to select the text of a tracked change first.
  • Option to automatically enable or disable AutoCorrect when Track Changes is active.

Improved Translation Quality Assessment (TQA)

With Studio 2019 SR1, the accuracy of quality scores is improved as AutoPropagated TQA items are automatically assigned the severity of "Repetition", and do not count towards the overall quality score.​

Additional enhancements for greater speed and ease of use include:

  • Deleting a TQA item now deletes the target segment contents.
  • Easier way of reapplying the same TQA content across multiple fragments​.
  • TQA items settings are remembered for the next time you add a TQA item.
  • Better visibility when navigating "Severities".
NOTE: TQA is only available as a feature within the Professional edition of SDL Trados Studio.
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Free TM Compatibility Plug-in for SDL Trados Studio 2015 users

To get the best possible performance from translation memories created in more recent versions of SDL Trados Studio, we recommend that all Studio 2015 users convert these TMs with our free SDL TM Compatibility Plug-in.