Quest for the best match

Today’s translation professionals work hard to respond to escalating global demand and expect translation software to play an increasingly important role in enabling them to meet tighter deadlines while still delivering high quality content.

At SDL, translator productivity is at the heart of our software to deliver innovation where it is needed most. Our mission is to provide you with the best match possible, regardless of content, to unlock productivity gains without adding complexity to what you do.

This is our quest, to deliver the best match, every time.

upLIFT - Quality without complexity

Translation memories contain the result of tens of thousands of hours of knowledge and work. UpLIFT technology in SDL Trados Studio offers a new way to get more leverage from this treasure trove of data and expertise without changing the way you work.

By providing access to your previous translations at a fragment level, upLIFT improves the quality of matches you receive from your TM and offers better translation suggestions.

AdaptiveMT - Personal, relevant machine translation

Self-learning, bespoke and completely secure, SDL AdaptiveMT redefines machine translation. Noting every correction, stylistic preference, and terminological choice, AdaptiveMT continually improves output to reduce post-editing work. It also removes the need for offline, pre-training which slows down productivity.

When used together, upLIFT and AdaptiveMT ensure that no matter what, a relevant and bespoke suggestion is always available in every project.

The quest continues...

upLIFT and AdaptiveMT are just the beginning in our quest for the best match. We aim to converge current technologies into a single service that makes it as simple as possible to leverage the wide range of translation assets available to you.

Find out how SDL will meet the future needs of the translation industry in the webinar below.