SDL smartQuery

Harness the potential of translator queries

Effectively manage queries and ensure stakeholders are kept informed throughout the translation process with our versatile, web-based workflow solution. Actively track queries and capture them for future projects, turning them into knowledge, quality and savings in time and cost.

Centralize communication

Use a central web-based portal to answer, delegate, archive, search and re-use translator queries. The database is searched automatically when logging a new query to re-use existing feedback - knowledge is never lost and duplicate work is reduced. Queries can be pushed out to other team members, ensuring effective dialogue between stakeholders.

Fully integrated

SDL smartQuery's integrated, real-time traceable workflow means query resolution is faster and more efficient than typical Excel or mail-based systems. Translators can create and view queries within SDL Trados Studio while translating in the Editor View via the free plugin. For terminology related queries, integration with SDL MultiTerm Workflow makes it quicker to update termbases.
Flexible workflows

Flexible workflows

Minimize administration by connecting SDL smartQuery with project management systems or internal client systems to completely align your existing processes. Queries are managed through customizable 'workflow routes', which define where they are assigned or delegated and who answers them.

Secure management

Access to queries can be restricted to relevant work areas on a per user basis, enabling targeted knowledge management while maintaining confidentiality where necessary. Get valuable statistics on clients or projects with the high-level overview dashboard so you can effectively manage queries and content quality.
Secure Management