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Secure Enterprise Machine Translation

Gain control of business sensitive content

Business challenge

Data leakage and lack of information control are business critical issues that plague corporations. The employee use of a free online machine translation (MT) tools have caused massive data privacy breaches, as content exchanged with these consumer grade translation tools become public and searchable. The solution is not simply shutting down access to online MT tools without offering a secure alternative. The inability to readily obtain instant translations hurts business decision making and results in missed opportunities.

Data security risks with public MT portals

Flexible Deployment

SDL offers a secure alternative built specifically for enterprises with flexible deployment options - client managed SDL Enterprise Translation Server on-premises, private cloud, and Virtual Private Cloud (AWS) or a fully managed SDL BeGlobal on multi-tenant public cloud. When partnering with SDL, you own your MT engine, ensuring information remains private.

Use Cases

By integrating MT within application workflows, you not only limit the exposure of corporate content to free online MT, but also achieve a tremendous increase in productivity and value.

Secure Communications and Collaboration

Secure MT - 1

Integrating enterprise MT with a corporate portal or collaborative workspace enables IT to redirect online MT URLs to a secure MT service inside the company network.

Enterprise Translation Management

Secure MT - 2

Integrating MT with a translation management system (TMS) limits the exposure of sensitive content since all participants– requester, translator, reviewer, and project manager – work within a secure environment that blocks access to free online MT.

Microsoft Office

Secure MT - 3

MT accessible directly within MS Office applications allows for a single click for automatic translation of content, deterring users from accessing free online MT tools.

Industry expert evaluates SDL Enterprise Translation Server

Customer Spotlight

As soon as a new patent is filed anywhere in the world intellectual property (IP) professionals want to know about it. The good news is that they can quickly get everything they need from RWS Group. With SDL Enterprise Translation Server, users quickly understand patents in different languages and search for key information. Download this case study to learn the results achieved with SDL ETS:

  • Private MT keeps confidential data secure
  • Monthly MT output covering 17 billion characters from 27 languages
  • Improved total cost of ownership (TCO)