Translation technology for the gaming industry

Deliver a world class gaming experience with our translation software

Why localize games?

With so much of today’s gaming market coming from non-English speaking countries, localization is now of paramount concern for today’s game developer. A consistent experience across multiple platforms is expected by the world’s gaming marketplace, so demand for language support has increased and moved beyond the traditional, most common languages.

Using SDL translation software enables the localization process to be quicker, cheaper and far easier to create a fun, engaging experience for the gamer in their language.

SDL solutions for the gaming industry
SDL solutions for the gaming industry

How SDL can help your gaming company

SDL's powerful range of localization tools enable gaming companies to:

  • Streamline multilingual product releases 
  • Launch games globally
  • Drive global brand consistency
  • Support players from across the world
  • Improve the global experience
Discover how Innova, a leading global entertainment services company, publishes and distributes a large portfolio of massively multi-player online games (MMORPG) across different languages with the help of SDL software.

Webcast: Transform game localization with SDL translation software

Discover how your company can localize games faster, whilst maintaining high quality, to enhance the gaming experience for your global audience. Giorgia Frizzi, Business Consultant at SDL, will demonstrate how SDL's powerful technology will help your team work more efficiently whilst ensuring consistency in the terminology and story narratives of your localized games.
SDL solutions for the gaming industry