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Enjoy greater automation and control over project management tasks than ever before. Manage translation projects on any device, any place, any time. Build powerful integrations, add custom functionality and watch team productivity soar in the latest version of our translation collaboration solution, SDL Trados GroupShare 2017.

Increased transparency with the Project Management Dashboard

Project Managers gain control and visibility at a glance with the new GroupShare 2017 Dashboard. Staying on top of multiple projects is effortless as the Dashboard offers an overview of the status of all projects: which projects are due soon, the tasks assigned and a host of useful statistics such as projects created by month.
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Create projects on the go from your mobile device

Project management tasks can now be performed anywhere, anytime, giving users a more flexible solution. The new secure GroupShare 2017 website enables in-browser project creation and assignment, without having to use SDL Trados Studio. In addition, the Project Creation Automation API can be used to streamline the process, making it even easier to work with external vendors.

Improved assignment options

You can now define due dates for individual files as well as on a whole project basis, making it easier for translators and reviewers to plan their work.

Change phase names to suit you

No matter the phases that make up your particular translation workflow, you can now re-name GroupShare 2017 project phases to suit how your business works.

A more secure way to work with external translators

The new Dynamic Resource Access feature automatically provides users with access to the appropriate project, translation memory and terminology assets when a job is assigned. Once work is completed, access is immediately revoked. This not only ensures that translation assets remain secure, it also saves time by reducing manual administrative tasks.

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Automatic real-time job progress tracking

With GroupShare 2017 it’s easy to track the progress of a project without having to wait for a phase to be completed. Project Managers can enjoy a better understanding of when a job will be at each stage of the workflow. Progress is automatically updated each time the file is saved by the person working on it, manually or by auto-save.

Endless flexibility with the REST API

Extensive updates to the REST API allow for new, powerful integrations and plugins to third party tools. You can also use the API to look up and edit terminology as well as offer concordance searches of your translation memory content.

Streamlined terminology sharing

Termbases are now part of GroupShare's Organization structure to enable simpler terminology management. Granting access to termbases is now easier and more secure than ever before.

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