Web Content Managed Services

The ‘how’ of global digital content publishing

Effectively manage and deploy your global online presence

Global brands’ digital experiences are demanding and expensive to manage. The growing number of digital channels, and customer touchpoints, presents management, integration, and budget challenges. Given the extreme peaks and troughs of activity, it is also challenging to resource. 

Our Web Content Managed Service provides a global, scalable, cost-effective resource pool of digital experts who can hit the ground running and bring your strategy to life. 

How? By efficiently managing your digital activities, helping you develop your online presence and ensuring people, processes and technology work in harmony.

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Flexible resources, on-demand

We configure our resources to meet your brand’s specific requirements and deadlines, delivering brand governance and compliance. 

Our Web Content Managed Service is tailor made to compliment each client’s unique technology infrastructure, operating model, and stage of digital maturity. We have a range of deployment options, we can work in-house or off-shore. 

You can use the scale of our digital talent when you need it.

Combining technology with talent

By integrating SDL Language Technology with your digital platform, you can achieve additional cost efficiencies and reduce time to market. It enables automatic content extraction and re-integration – including meta-data and keywords – reduces errors, speeds and simplifies global content scaling. 

Our consultancy services can advise how to get the best out of your 'Marketecture' through strategic integrations with back-end systems, or how you can create process efficiencies to help you become a more efficient digital publisher. 

Additional cost savings can be generated if SDL translates your digital content. And by building a comprehensive translation memory for any future translations, you only pay for the translation of new content.

Excelling at execution

With 55 offices in 38 countries we can publish, adapt, edit, test and adjust your content. We’re ready to take on day-to-day tasks as well, like retiring pages, handling analytics, optimizing content and rolling out sites. Anything and everything to manage the delivery of your global digital brand. 

Our Transcreation and Content Production Services integrate with our digital services. As language and culture is SDL’s core skill, we ensure your communication will resonate locally and drive SEO.

Adding value and depth

We offer you digital control, agility and efficiency. For us, it’s about optimising your digital activities and broadening your capabilities. Delivering truly rich experiences and conversations, across every digital channel, when and where you need it — so you can become a more effective digital publisher. 

Our services are technology agnostic. While we have deep knowledge of SDL technologies, we are equally comfortable with other leading web technologies. SDL integrates into your existing eco-system of partners and agencies, providing flexibility and scale, adding value from the start.