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Deliver global product information to more markets, faster

Translation solutions for technical documentation

Give your customers around the world a superior experience with multilingual product and support content. Quickly and easily create product documentation, manuals, web content and training materials in local languages while lowering translation costs by as much as 50%.

Boost time-to-market

Translate more content

Adopt agile processes

SDL provides an integrated translation solution designed to remove the complexity from creating multilingual product and technical documentation.

Flexible translation options

Match your technical documentation content to the right translation method. Use expert translators for high-quality manuals and web content and post-edited machine translation for high volumes of product documentation. You can also use customized or industry-specific machine translation engines for user-generated content.
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Integrated content management

Control your global content lifecycle and break down departmental silos. Integration with product management content and authoring systems as well as flexible workflows lets you automate manual tasks, accelerate review processes and reuse approved content.

Global consistency

Ensure a consistent product experience across all your marketing, technical documentation and training materials. Control the use of your approved corporate terminology, product names and brand terms with a sophisticated terminology solution that integrates directly into translation and authoring tools.

Agile content creation

Respond to fast-changing product content by reusing previously translated content, implementing processes that match product delivery timescales and integrating your translation solution with content and web management systems.

Multilingual product videos

Deliver great experiences to your global customers with interactive multimedia and video content in every language. Adopt the right solution for your needs, from quick subtitling to full-scale production voiceover and visual manipulation in our network of global studios and enrich your training and brand content.