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Take control of translation spend

Language solutions that help drive down costs

Lead your organization into a new era of cost saving by centralizing the purchasing of translation services and reducing your localization spend by as much as 40%.

Control translation spend

Improve visibility and accountability

Drive business innovation

SDL provides an integrated translation solution designed to reduce the cost of communicating with global customers while providing complete visibility of the translation process, spend and savings.

Centralized solution

Uncover your translation spend by adopting a centralized translation approach that enables you to better understand and benefit from your organization’s purchasing power. Identify hidden translation costs with a tightly-controlled translation solution.

Content reuse

Dramatically reduce costs by reusing previously translated, approved content across departments. Use a central translation memory to increase automation throughout the translation process, driving efficiency within your organization.

Complete translation solution

Provide a solution for every content type across every department in your organization including marketing, product development, technical communication, support and customer retention. Match the translation approach to the quality and speed of output you require.

Complete visibility

Easily track and monitor spend, savings and areas for improvement through centralized reporting, invoicing and order processing.

Integrated systems

Drive efficiency by providing easy access to translation capabilities from within the systems used to create, manage and store global content. Integrate a centralized translation management system with your business applications for greater agility.