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Build a scalable translation process

SDL Language Platform: Your complete, integrated translation solution

Get ahead of the digital content explosion and a growing global economy with a full spectrum of translation technology, consulting and services in one integrated solution suite. The powerful SDL Language Platform helps corporate translation departments around the world solve their localization challenges – from simple to complex.

Improve quality, and efficiency

Leverage market-leading technology to transform your localization processes, workflows and reporting.

Scale your translation solution

Adapt your localization strategy for your business needs.

Tap into professional services

Take advantage of external language support and consultancy services to deliver a complete translation offering.

Your complete translation solution

Create the right blend of translation technology and services to ensure your team can adapt to ever changing corporate budgets, business goals, content challenges, internal processes and language requirements.

The SDL Language Platform helps localization teams solve complexity with a full-spectrum of language solutions.

Market leading desktop translation software

Enable your translation team to create high-quality translations in less time with the help of the market’s leading computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool.

SDL Trados Studio includes everything you need to create, translate, review and manage translation projects, all from within a single smart desktop environment.

Real-time project collaboration

Maximize the efficiency and productivity of your localization teams and keep pace with demanding deadlines. Real-time collaboration across all your translation projects is powered by SDL Studio GroupShare and offers quick, secure, instant access to translation assets, regardless of location.

Terminology management

Help your business speak with one voice. In a multilingual, digital world, localization teams are also brand managers. Improve translation quality and efficiency across your content portfolio by empowering localization teams to share and collaborate on corporate brand terms. SDL’s terminology management tools let localization departments, content owners, project managers, reviewers and translators use a consistent term bank that reflects your brand.

Enterprise translation management

Connect all of the people, content systems and language assets used in the translation process using SDL translation management software. Create automated workflows between internal and external collaborators, software systems and suppliers, and save time and money by leveraging translation memories and terminology databases. You can also integrate machine translation and post-editing capabilities to improve speed-to-market.

Machine translation

Get instant translation and post-editing capabilities to address the digital content explosion and multilingual customer experience requirements like instant chat, support forums, knowledge bases, blogs, and user reviews.

MT for verticals

Leverage smarter machine translation (MT) engines specifically trained in the unique terms and vocabulary of industries like automotive, electronics, hospitality, IT, life sciences and travel.

Trainable engines

Use already translated content to train your own custom machine translation engines for smarter, faster and higher-quality MT systems that understand and speak your company’s language.

Available out-of-the-box

Real-time machine translation functionality and post-editing capabilities are standard and pre-built into the entire SDL Language Platform.

Software localization

Achieve faster software translation cycles and higher-quality user interfaces and product documentation with SDL software localization tools and services.

Guide your localization departments through the latest industry best practices to properly manage processes and workflows between technical and non-technical teams.

Translation services

Whether you need to outsource everything or work with a trusted translation services provider as a complement to your other localization resources and processes, SDL Translation Services can help. With more than 20 years in the localization industry, we’re a proven partner that you can count on for professionalism, quality, efficiency and accuracy.