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Create a consistent customer experience on an international scale

Global marketing solutions for international businesses

When it comes to delighting global customers, speaking their language is essential. The SDL Global Marketing Language Platform gives marketers flexible translation options so they can launch locally relevant campaigns across languages and cultures.

Launch campaigns globally

Drive brand consistency

Communicate across all channels

The SDL Digital Marketing Language Platform is a fully-integrated solution designed to remove the complexity associated with creating and launching global marketing campaigns.

Website localization

Integrate the SDL Global Marketing Language Platform with your online ecosystem for fast efficient translation of content from directly within the systems used to create and manage web content.

Award-winning translation services

Your messages have been finely tuned to deliver maximum results. With over 1,000 in-house, in-country translators and a network of highly trained industry specialists, SDL can deliver your message to maximum effect around the world.

Video and multimedia localization

Quickly and efficiently produce international video and multimedia assets to capture your audience’s attention worldwide with SDL’s full suite of solutions for translating everything from how-to videos to full video productions.

Search experience optimization

Maximize visibility across the most popular search engines for each of your key geographies with search engine identification, keyword optimization for local markets and multilingual onsite search.

User-generated content and social

The most trusted source of information for consumers is from other consumers. Share user-generated content such as reviews, social posts and forum information across languages and extend your marketing reach across borders.

Marketing intelligence

Access and analyze millions of social conversations to learn what people around the world are saying about your products and services so you can feed this social data intelligence back into development teams or use it to drive purchasing decisions.
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Customer journey mapping

Use social data to understand global customer buying decisions, identify barriers to purchase and predict the success of your next launch or investment in each target market.

Centralized translation management

Streamline internal processes and deliver the highest quality content with a fully-centralized, end-to-end translation platform. Flexible workflows and system integration give you full control of the translation life-cycle. Squeeze out inefficiency and cost. Improve quality, consistency and speed.

Global brand management

Translate marketing content to the highest possible standard using industry expert translators supported by technology that controls brand consistency, style and tone.

Flexible, scalable solution

Whether you completely outsource your translation or centrally manage multiple language service providers or in-house teams, our platform is designed to grow and scale with your needs.