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Support your customers wherever they are

Integrated translation solutions for superior post-sales experiences

Provide exceptional service to your customers in more languages by boosting the translation of support information such as web content, multilingual chat and user forums. Meet customer expectations and take the pressure off your helpdesk resources with a truly integrated translation solution.

Reach more customers faster

Drive self-help and quick resolutions

Extend support capabilities

SDL provides an integrated translation solution designed to remove the complexity from serving global customers with support and self-help content.

Flexible translation options

Translate more than ever before by matching your support content to the best translation method. Rely on our network of in-house expert translators for high-quality support web content. Use SDL intelligent Machine Translation and industry-specific machine translation engines for high-volume user forum, chat or social media content.
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intelligent Machine Translation

Reduce costs by as much as 40% and improve time-to-market by 50% when you combine the power of customized machine translation with human post-editors. Expand the amount of content you can translate by automating technical support information such as knowledgebase content and “how to” guides.

Multilingual customer support chat

Break down language barriers and enable your support agents to chat to customers around the world 24/7. Integrated world-class machine translation engines provide quick, affordable translation of both agent and customer entries built into instant chat and email applications. Now they can talk to each other live, without having to speak the same language.

User forums and social media content

Take advantage of conversations on social media as a means to support your customer queries. Use industry-specific or fully-customized machine translation technology to translate and share user forum content on popular social media channels in multiple languages.

Market-leading translation technology

Improve your quality, consistency and speed-to-market by reusing previous translations, automating manual tasks and accelerating review processes. Flexible workflows and system integrations give you full control of the translation lifecycle and enable you to include product and support experts as required.

Flexible and scalable

Start small and grow into the solution you need, spanning the machine to human translation spectrum, without changing vendors or solutions. Add capabilities, integrations, languages and content as you go, all within the same platform.