Introducing the SDL Enable S1000D program

The industry’s only S1000D-enablement program. SDL Enable has everything you need to successfully launch even the most complex S1000D implementations.

Jump-start your S1000D program

You can deploy in as little as 60 days – and be fully operational in 90 days. The program provides everything you need to understand the specification and the requisite training to become an S1000D pro!

Build a solution with the right tools

Using the proven, innovation tools is the only way to guarantee success. SDL Enable S1000D uses: 

  • SDL Contenta S1000D 
  • Featuring Foundation Suite 
  • SDL BREX Builder

Deploy an S1000D production system

You’ll be able to train, validate and deploy on a real Contenta S1000D CSDB – which is populated with content-ready DMs. The program provides a solid foundation for easy transition to full deployment.

The program provides essential S1000D needs

  • License or lease options 
  • Sandbox for proof of capabilities 
  • Trained staff 
  • Fully deployed S1000D CSDB 
  • S1000D data modules ready for content authoring 
  • Production system up and running in 8 to 12 weeks!

Key benefits of SDL implementation services

  • Helps you automate manual tasks 
  • Keeps technical writers focused on writing content, not format 
  • Increases accuracy and reduce production and edit cycles 
  • Takes full advantage of data reuse 
  • Delivers of more accurate and effective documents 
  • Saves money with hands-off, batch composition 
  • Auto-generation of S1000D digital deliverables 
  • Increase productivity by editing data modules not confined to individual publications

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