SDL BREX Builder

Creates unified business rules for your next S1000D project to improve business processes.

Business rule creation

Effectively guide your S1000D project startup activities and provide recommendations based on real-world project analysis for specific business rules. No other tool in the industry delivers the combination of benefits and capabilities as cost-effectively as SDL BREX Builder.BREX Builder improves project quality by providing a central place for creating, organizing and hosting business rule information.

Modular BREX data

Deliver a BREX data module to validate and prove the compliance of your work within your common source database (CSDB). SDL BREX Builder for S1000D enables your team to address critical project decisions in a timely, cost-effective manner by providing recommendations based on real-world project experiences for specific business rules.

SDL BREX Builder enables timely, cost-effective project decisions.

Business rule collaboration

Create, communicate and collaborate on your business rule decisions to speed approval and implementation.


Streamlined process

Implement your S1000D project more quickly and effectively and minimize the investment needed to meet your business and operational demands.


Key features of SDL's business rules exchange

  • Common rules dialog configuration 
  • Author business rules dialog 
  • Creates BREX data modules 
  • Navigate decision points with Go-to-Spec 
  • Project statistics tracking and reporting 
  • Template driven dialogs 
  • Automated website generation of your BRDD 
  • Custom creation of business rules 
  • Generates BREX data modules on-demand 
  • Supports S1000D issue 4.0.1

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