SDL Managed Translation for Salesforce

Where the smarter, more agile business simplifies localization of Salesforce content


Expand Your Global Reach and Optimise your Salesforce Content

A huge volume of valuable content is stored and used within your company’s instance of Salesforce Knowledge. Where this content is translated today, the process is very manual and fragmented, with individual users extracting content and sending to third party agencies for translation, before being imported back into Salesforce. 

The SDL Managed Translation for Salesforce app allows users to easily send that content for translation, approve costs and track progress without having to leave the Salesforce platform. Users can now deliver high quality translations in their local markets on a global scale.


Managed Translation drives efficiency, reduces time to market, and empowers users with industry leading translation management technology incorporating options for Translation Memory, Terminology, Human Translation and Machine Translation.

The App is embedded directly within your Salesforce platform and allows users to select and send Knowledge Articles, Document Attachments, and Notes Records from Salesforce to SDL TMS for translation. An easy-to-use admin interface will allow the user to specify which fields are translatable for Notes and multiple types of Knowledge Articles records. Translated content is automatically returned into Salesforce as new localised records and documents. 

Users granted permissions by the app admin will be able to manage the full translation lifecycle right from the Salesforce UI, no need to open a second app. You’ll be able to see and approve the cost/leverage of the translation, track progress, and download translations all from within the App on the Salesforce platform they are familiar with. You can even be notified of costs and approve from you Apple watch.

Simplicity and security:

Easy-to-use platform embedded within your Salesforce platform. No need to leave the Salesforce platform.

Confidence in quality & consistency:

ISO certified human and machine translation services, incorporating your company terminology and translation memory for brand consistency.

Visibility and control:

Create, approve and track project progress, spend and savings through intuitive dashboard embedded with Salesforce

Behind the scenes: a complete set of translation management capabilities

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