Your organizations S1000D Readiness is; Foundation

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Foundation – The stage at which you and/or your team are collecting information and knowledge to assist in the formation of your project plans. At this stage, most team are trying to understand and determine the challenges, the stakeholders, the expectations for the project and the enabling capabilities needed to form the foundation for success. 

Formation – The stage where the project is being defined. Project team members have been identified, the initial scope, budget and timelines are becoming clear, the success criteria is outlined and the main focus is on ensuring all aspects have been identified and incorporated into the project plans. At this stage, project managers will want to ensure they have incorporated all critical components to ensure minimal risks and optimal outcomes are built into their plans. 

Launch – At this stage, all systems are go! Your project plan, your team and your executive sponsors are all onboard and ready to launch your S1000D project. When you reach this stage, the project can still benefit from further optimization. Small additions or modifications can help improve your chances of success even further. Be open to additional considerations, ideas or modifications as they emerge.

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