Ars Logica Compass Guide to WCM, Q1 2019

Since the 1990s, Ars Logica founder and industry analyst Tony White has kept close tabs on the WCM market. Recently, Ars Logica issued the Compass Guide to WCM, Q1 2019. This report includes the 16 platforms that Ars Logica considers to be the most significant in the WCM market. 

Download a complimentary copy to: 

  • Understand key vendors’ relative positions for technical and business performance. 
  • Build your long and short list of vendors. 
  • Make the right investment decisions for your organization. 

Want to Learn More about SDL’s WCM offering?
A separate report covers SDL Tridion Sites 9 in detail. Our solution is ranked #2 in the Compass Guide, with superb scores across all categories. Go here to learn more.

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