Machine Translation Enables Global Customer Care

It’s time to stand out from the global crowd!

Offering a great product is no longer enough. Customer care is now a top differentiator in customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention. For global audiences, offering effective multilingual customer service and support across channels and time zones will take you a step further in increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Machine Translation (MT) helps enable customer care by giving you a window into your multilingual customers’ emotions and with it, a competitive advantage throughout the customer journey.

This eBook will show you:

  • The relationship between content and great customer care.
  • How MT impacts global customer support enablement across escalation tiers.
  • Emerging trends in customer care and how to prepare for them.
  • What is needed to enable the use of next generation customer support platforms like chatbots.
  • How multilingual customer support helps convert global customers into loyal advocates.

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