RWS Group Case Study

As soon as a new patent is filed anywhere in the world intellectual property (IP) professionals want to know about it. The good news is that they can quickly get everything they need from PatBase.

More than 15,000 professionals use PatBase to keep track of more than 54 million patent families, as well as all new and updated patents filed anywhere in the world (more than 55,000 per week).

To help users quickly understand patents in different languages and search for key information, RWS Group was required to translate more than 17 billion characters a month from 27 languages. The company chose SDL Enterprise Translation Server (ETS), a highly scalable and cost-effective machine translation (MT) solution that can be deployed on-premises or private cloud.

Download this case study to learn the results achieved with SDL ETS:

  • On-premises MT keeps confidential data secure
  • Monthly MT output covering 17 billion characters from 27 languages
  • Improved total cost of ownership (TCO)

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